Huddleball.com is where the cool kids go to get their game on. Getting in the trenches with fans is what we do. We invite fans to enjoy using our four main features; BLOGS, PODCASTS, LIVESTREAMS and PROMOTE. Before we give our take on each, allow me to run through some of our highlights for 2015.

2015 was a great year for the website. The fun ramped up in Week 4 as we stood side-by-side with Saints fans in celebrating a win over the Dallas Cowboys in overtime. A 26-20 overtime win against Dallas helped passionate fans like Saints Wonder Woman Donna lead the cheers from the Voodoo Lounge in San Francisco which lasted long after game end. (If you want to see this fun fan club, check out the Videos link in the MEDIA GALLERY. https://youtu.be/kNpe5kBrq54.

In Week 5, stealing a last minute 30-27 New York Giants win over the San Francisco 49ers was almost as much fun as meeting Myron Guyton, member of the Bill Parcells-led Giants team that won Superbowl 25, in the parking lot while tailgating prior to the game. Those were good times for fans of the New York Giants.

Finally, interviewing Peter King of Sports Illustrated during Super Bowl Week in San Francisco not only fulfilled a childhood fantasy; it also provided confirmation for my belief that it was indeed time for a coaching change in New York.

Make sure to check out our Super Bowl week Peter King interview from the Black Hammer Brewery in San Francisco in the Media Gallery Videos. https://youtu.be/YTvoQga8upc


The four main features of the website


Our core group of bloggers, Eric Forgaard, Sean Cumming and ESPN’s own Evan Lazar, have each developed a following through the years. With each bringing their own unique approach to their blogs, fans each week are guaranteed to get an amusing, usually unbiased and often critical look at the teams we cover.

We are always looking to build upon our blogger family. If you have passion about your team and enjoy blogging, please send us an email to blog@huddleball.com for consideration.


Podcasts in 2015 proved to be a lot more fun than any of us imagined. With that said, we will have to admit that we enjoy the feel of a PODCAST that was created in a garage by a couple of your buddies. We think this is what real fandom is about. We know that PODCASTING is not a new technology but still feel it has a place on the website in 2016. We hope to continue to bring you amusing viewpoints from selected fan podcasts. If you have any podcasts that you love, feel free to let us know at info@huddleball.com.


What can you say about this tool? Only that social media companies (Twitter, Facebook, …) want in! They are making it easier for you to livestream your game watch party events with new “Live” video features. List your upcoming planned livestream events on our Event Calendar and post your finished livestream video to our Media Gallery so we can enjoy them long after the game has ended. Simply email this information to events@huddleball.com.


I love when we locate features which are both cool and useful for fans. Our new PROMOTE feature is one of these. New to our website this season, the same company that creates the popular Landmark tins sold in airport gift shops around the country has agreed to customize a tin program for us! Use our keepsake tin program to promote your:

  • Fan Club events
  • Sports Bar
  • Restaurant
  • Business

For more information, check out the PROMOTE feature circle on the home page of huddleball.com


Last season we tried out this feature which proved to be a lot of fun. Although we have moved this off of our main list of website features, we still encourage fans to continue their flag postings on our Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr Throwaflag pages. All interested users will be asked to email their new flag postings to huddleball@gmail.com.